6 Things to Love About the F6

The F6 Project is all about connecting photographers around the world interested in pursuing “the value of unique pictures” with the best 35mm film camera ever made. One of the great things about the combo of photography and world wide web is its potential to connect like-minded photographers around the world. Even though we’re not exactly like minded, we share a common passion, and can benefit from sharing thoughts and ideas about this art form we’ve come to love so much; film photography.

Because of that, during this Thanksgiving weekend here in the U.S. it seems appropriate to thank Khanh Hmoong and Pankha Nguyen of shootingfilm.net for the inspiration of the following. Beginning today we’re trying a new idea designed to build deeper connections with F6 shooters around the world. Anyone (and we mean ANYONE) shooting film through the F6 to send us 6 reasons, and 6 of your favorite F6-created images to share WHY – despite the proliferation of digital camera options available – you’ve chosen instead to use this fabulous camera.

Please tell us a little about yourself, and include a link to your web site and blog. We’re really hoping this exercise continues to build deeper connections amongst the F6 community around the world. All entries should be submitted by e-mail and we’ll publish them on the blog as soon as possible.

6 Things from Gregory Lewis

1) The look of film
I am not striving for pixel-perfect realism but for prints that feel good to view with a minimum of digital editing. Ektar 100 gives smooth, intense colours, perhaps more so than some digital cameras, and without risk of blown highlights. Portra 800 gives remarkably consistent colours across all light sources, indoors or out.

2) Advanced Body design
Other than using film instead of a sensor the F6 functions like a modern digital camera.It has […]

6 Things from Philipp Leibfried

I’m Philipp, from Germany, I live in Munich. I work as a software designer and developer, so photography is strictly a hobby for me, albeit one I spend a lot of time and effort on (sometimes). I’m still shooting film in this day and age because I love to see my images projected 8 feet wide on a silver screen. No beamer can beat a good slide in a good projector – even today. […]

6 Things from Chris Moss

I’m 57 now and I have been shooting film since I was a teenager. I can’t say I’m terribly faithful to any one format or camera, since I use cameras ranging from half-frame, to medium format and large format, using rangefinders, SLRs, TLRs, and view cameras. I do have a special place for the F6, however, for the following reasons.

1. Sophistication. The F6 is the only way you can shoot film and have the […]

6 Things from John B. Crane, Colorado, USA

The six most dominant attributes about the F6 immediately coming to mind are ergonomics, form factor, sounds, compatibility, Creative Lighting System capabilities, and its place in Nikon's history.

6 Things from Bob Kidd, New England, USA

The Nikon F6 is the last in the legendary Nikon F series and arguably the best of the bunch. I say that without hesitation and as an owner of a beloved F2. Having photographed with the Nikon F5, it is easy to appreciate the large leap forward the F6 represents. The F6 is a nimble and almost understated performer that can easily be mistaken for a digital SLR. To limit myself to just 6 characteristics, […]

6 Things from Dino Brusco, Italy

I’m 40 this year and still a newbie in photography. The F6 has been my target since 2006. I got my first (used) F6 back in 2007 when I had to start my pro fashion course in Milan and traded no less than the 85/1.4 and the 105/2 DC to afford one. It was love at first sight. Every epoch has its icons, I think photographically the F6 is an Icon as well – a […]

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