Project Description

1) The look of film
I am not striving for pixel-perfect realism but for prints that feel good to view with a minimum of digital editing. Ektar 100 gives smooth, intense colours, perhaps more so than some digital cameras, and without risk of blown highlights. Portra 800 gives remarkably consistent colours across all light sources, indoors or out.


2) Advanced Body design
Other than using film instead of a sensor the F6 functions like a modern digital camera.It has a comfortable, balanced feel even with large lenses. Every dial, switch and button is appropriately sized and falls easily under my fingers. Many modern cameras feel cramped by comparison or have small fiddly controls.


3) Bright Viewfinder
The F6 finder is among the largest ever for a 35mm autofocus body, film or digital. Manual focusing in low light is easier than I expected, superior to digital viewfinders I have tried.


4) Rapid Response
The combined shutter delay and mirror blackout is literally faster than the quick blink of an eye, as fast as the best digital cameras. With the F6 I no longer lose time chimping, zooming to check focus, optimising histograms, changing menus or reshooting. Now I take a photo and move on.
The biggest speed advantage with film is that I am always ready for the next shot. I don’t lose photo opportunities while scrolling through images on the back of the camera. Film just works!


5) Rear screen
It is so easy to check and change my custom settings. I can also set Group Dynamic AF, giving me tracking similar to the D810 and D4s.
I like being able to check EXIF data for previous shots. Shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation and date are also imprinted on the negatives between frames, very useful when evaluating my negatives.


6) Lens & Flash compatibility
All Nikon flashes work on an F6, regardless of whether they were designed for film or digital. I use a small SB-23 for fill flash.

Bottom Line
For me the F6 is perfect. I now spend more time looking through the viewfinder than looking at the camera! If there is enough light then I will always use film. The F6 will mount a huge range of lenses, giving me colour matrix metering with my Voigtlander 40mm manual focus, Sigma 24-105mm OS and Nikkor 300mm.