Are ya Sure

Nikon F6
Shooting sunset at Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado.

You were so close to doing a really cool thing… are you sure you want to bale? You could go to sleep tonight feeling all warm and fuzzy about your photographic life ;-).

Think about it a little, then jump in. Nothing bad is going to happen – promise. You’re not going to get spammed from me, but if you do provide an e-mail address you’ll get the equivalent reply of a big ol’ hug.

That’s how much I appreciate those willing to take the huge step of investing their hard-earned cash into something worthwhile.

Is the F6 Project worthwhile to you? I’ll leave it at that, and not turn into a salesman (nothing wrong with that, BTW).

Oh, and in case you’re wondering who CraneDigital is – that’s the LLC the F6 Project lives in. So The F6 Project, Blue Hour Journal and John Crane Photography are all under the CraneDigital, LLC ‘umbrella’ as it were – and PayPal account.

Peace, JBC