Project Description

The Nikon F6 is the last in the legendary Nikon F series and arguably the best of the bunch. I say that without hesitation and as an owner of a beloved F2. Having photographed with the Nikon F5, it is easy to appreciate the large leap forward the F6 represents. The F6 is a nimble and almost understated performer that can easily be mistaken for a digital SLR. To limit myself to just 6 characteristics, I will break them down into both touch points as well as performance characteristics.
Starting with touch points, the right hand grip has a deeper section than most cameras and provides a secure yet comfortable grip.
 Nikon F6 Portra 400 2014 #99-008-edit
When the F6 is held with your right hand, your index finger finds the shutter release easily and your thumb locates the AF-On button for back button focus effortlessly.
 Nikon F6 Portra 400 2014 #99-024
The large viewfinder is bright and the red auto focus points are easy to see in all light as you compose.
The vertical EV scale in the viewfinder makes it easy to view your exposure values separately from the horizontal array of focus, exposure and battery information.
 Nikon F6 Portra 400 2014 #99-021-2
The precision shutter has a reassuring sound encouraging you that the moment just recorded has made a rewarding photograph.
As for performance, that is even easier: the astounding meter works with the Nikon speed light creative live system (CLS), accurate 11 point autofocus system and meta data capture show that this performer has the heart of a digital camera as well as the soul of an analog camera.
As each month seems to bring newer and more desirable digital cameras to market, the Nikon F6 remains as good as a 35mm camera has ever been. It is timeless in its elegance as well as its performance and unlikely to be ever outdone. Just as film manufacturers reached the pinnacle of film, this camera defines the 35mm experience. It is, above all else, a camera made to be used and enjoyed in the pursuit of photographic excellence. While other cameras come and go, I know that I can always turn to my F6 for a photographic experience that will please me. Thanks for reading.

Bob is a New England based photographer who enjoys the adventure of travel, events and helping others become better photographers. He regularly uses his Nikon F6 to make photographs that please him. You can read about his photographic adventures in Sunday Street, a weekly publication that celebrates the love of the photograph and explores photographic vision. He can be followed on facebook and twitter as bob kidd photography.