Useful Software

Even though we shoot film, these days most photography and photographers are bound to the computer in some fashion. This page has been created as a list of potentially useful software tools connected to the processing and dissemination of your photographic assets.

This page contains sponsored links – but don’t let that dissuade you, the reader. If a product has made it on to this page, it has been vetted for appropriateness to ensure your time isn’t wasted when you check ’em out yourselves.

Meta35 software and adapter (lowres)
Meta35 software and adapter (lowres)

The Meta35 film-to-digital workflow allows you to customize your camera settings, transfer shooting data directly from your camera to your computer, edit and link the shooting data to your scanned images and embed the data into your image files. Meta35 is taking the hybrid photography workflow to the next level. You may read a more in depth look at Meta35 by clicking here.